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An Effective Tax Solution

Individuals, businesses of all sizes, organizations and even charities will face tax issues from time to time.

Tax Evasion

Our lawyers approach tax evasion by working with the Canada Revenue Agency to negotiate a positive resolution whenever possible.

Tax Audits & Problems

A CRA audit is the start of the tax investigation and a Canadian taxpayer needs professional representation from the start.

Tax Voluntary Disclosure

Unreported Income

The voluntary disclosure program allows you to avoid prosecution or penalties for unreported income or offshore assets

Our lawyers facilitate accounting services to file your outstanding personal income tax returns, corporate returns, or GST/HST filings and remittances.

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Our Tax Lawyers Have More Than 25 Years of Experience

We Can Help With All Tax Issues

How We Help with Tax Law

We provide litigation and negotiation for individuals and organizations on all aspects of tax disputes involving the Income Tax Act, Excise Tax Act (HST/GST), Excise Act and provincial tax legislation, including Indigenous and international tax law issues.

Most of our tax work comes from referrals from accountants & lawyers. We offer creative, engaging and resolute problem solving with government agencies. 

We can offer you timely and effective tax law services, including dealing with:

  • Unfiled Returns

  • Unreported Income

  • Undeclared Foreign Income or Assets

  • Unpaid Tax Debts and the Negotiation of Payment Plans

  • Fairness and Taxpayer Relief Applications to Reduce or Eliminate Interest & Penalties

  • Voluntary Disclosure Applications

  • Tax investigations response: Information Demands, Search & Seizure, & Inquiries

  • Advocacy before the courts involving tax hearings, appeals and judicial reviews, including Tax Court of Canada, Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Canada and provincial courts

Net Worth Audit

net worth audit begins by comparing the change in a taxpayer's assets and liabilities. From there, annual income and expenditures are calculated, and deductions are made for non-taxable sources of funds (such as inheritances, gifts, and other windfalls)

Tax Appeal

Once a Notice of Confirmation from the Canada Revenue Agency confirming the audit assessment is received, the next level of disputing a tax assessment/reassessment is to have your Canadian Tax Litigation Lawyer file a Notice of Appeal with the Tax Court of Canada.